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Recharge body treatment

Procedureforrelievingmusclepainand tension, it pleasantlywarmsandenergizesyour joints andreducesswelling. You arecompletely renewedwiththe rejuvenating strength ofthermal mud, hot pepper, menthol and seaweeds.
(Relaxing bath, thermal mud mask, massage which melts the muscle fatigue)

Deep cleansing face therapy                                           
Due to the specificity of their epidermis and to the respect we feel for them ,we offer a special treatment for men. It reduces the nervous tension, encourages the spirit, detoxifies, hydrates and reduces wrinkles.

Rejuvenating  anti-age therapy                                      
Unique therapy, which improves the water circulation in depth and maintains the skin well hydrated, simultaneously recovers the lipids and nourishes the epidermis. Suitable for dry skin with lack of elasticity and gloss, rough feeling , with many fine lines caused by dehydration.

Recharge  body treatment                                            
Procedure for relieving muscle pain and tension, it pleasantly warms and energizes your joints and reduces swelling.  You are completely renewed with the rejuvenating strength of thermal mud, hot pepper, menthol and seaweeds
(Relaxing bath, thermal mud mask, massage which melts the muscle fatigue)

Manicure for men (shaping, cleaning relaxing hands massage)