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Deep cleansing therapy (unmake up, scrub, ultrasound peeling, manual extraction, serum, mask, final cream)
Дълбоко почистване на лице
60 min / 35lv

The Revolutionary regenerating line treatment for oily skin effectively reduces the imperfections of oily skin. Removes excess serum, shrinks pores and reduces inflammation


Calming and cleansing treatment for sensitive skin and fragile capillaries
Relaxed woman with a deep cleansing nourishing face mask applied
60 min / 35lv
This delicate therapy series is suitable for customers with gentle, sensitive and faster reacting skin, when prone to burning, flaking, and itching or redness. Amazingly firms and relaxes the skin.   ( unmake up, scrub, ultrasound peeling, massage, serum, mask, final cream )


Energizing therapy   “Gold dust“ With lifting massage with gold V – shaped roller
златен прах
60 min / 65lv   
Prevents chrono- and photo aging. Improves skin elasticity and structure. Strengthens the dynamic links between the dermis and epidermis and tightens oval, raises cheekbones and shapes a V-oval of the face, gives vitality and smoothness of the skin. Includes: make-up removal with gold micellar gel, exfoliant, lifting massage, anti-gravity lifting serum, sculpturing mask and regenerating cream finish.
All skin types + sensitive and dehydrated skin.


Bio – mineral procedure with three types of collagen
60 min / 65lv
With magnetic scrub and draining massage
This therapy remodels facial contour, stimulates the synthesis of high quality collagen, seals and restores skin structure, by compensating for the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Magnetic massage tightens and rejuvenates the skin. The weak magnetic field helps the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. Includes: detox treatment, make-up removal, washing, magnetic peeling, serum, massage, mask and cream finish.
All skin types + sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Procedure “Beauty Expert Hydra”  
60 min / 65lv
With a refreshing cryo-collagen mask
Highly effective procedure with firming, regenerating and revitalizing effect. Specially selected products , that reduce skin roughness and restore skin elasticity and firmness, with visible tightening effect. Includes – golden glyco peeling, Intensive serum, lifting massage , collagen sheet mask, serum and final cream.
All skin types + sensitive and dehydrated skin.