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 Balance of body, spirit and mind

Massage Regina Maria – Crystal energy massage ( face and body )
70 min / 70lv

Unique massage, working with the help of 100% essential oils and energy loaded crystals. The crystals transform the negative energy into positive, cleanse and protect the spirit and body, give energy where it is needed; ( energy massage with 4 types essential oils and crystals, anti-stress crystal paraffin mask and special face care)


Massage with herbal bags ( special combination of herbs-old traditional recipe from Bulgaria)
50 min / 60lv
Theherbalextracts, are getting bothinhaledandabsorbed into the skin. The bagswhich are the”tool” of the massage are pre-filled with driedherbs.Commonly they arebalm,mint,thyme,marigold,lavender. The oil whichsoaks intoherbspulls outextracts fromthe active ingredientsof the medicinal herbs, while the massagespreadsitover the skin andhelps it to penetrate deeper. Improvessleep, strengthens immunity system andassistsineasy stress management.


Anti-stres massage with bio ozonated aromaticoils                         
0 min / 60lv
Ozonated massage oils composed of high quality organics, cold pressed oils of Avocado, grape seeds and bio rosehip oil. With added essential oils – Rosa Damascena, Lavender and Argan oil. The oil is enriched with ozone, by beingsubjected to an ozone injection process, which makes skin fresh, elastic and protects against premature aging


Classical massage full body
50 min /
Relaxing massage partial
25 min/25lv
A combination of various massage techniques to melting away the muscle strain, remove the tiredness, and a gentle warming up and easing to relaxation.


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
50 min / 60lv
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage™
 is an innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body’s electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians. Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the HimalayanMountains are hand-carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants. And bring the mind, body and spirit, into balancethe body positive energy, harmony of the spirit, and total relaxation .


 Turkish (Hammam) massage
0min /80lv
Massage bearing the spirit of the Orient. Starting with steam bath, peeling with coarse mitt and followed by massage with soap foam. Treatment finish with gentle oil massage.


 Thai massage
70 min / 70lv

Thai massage is a highly effective methodapplied for the last2,500 years, both for relaxationandtherapeutic.Based on the body energy channels impact, it is usually performedon a mattresson the ground. The massage isappliedby using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet pressure, as well as variousstretching positions. The treatment overthe tenmain energy channelsinThai medicineSEN SIBeffects on a physical andmental level.

30 min / 25lv
Acupressure methods and techniques, applied on the feet, which influence on inner organs and systems.


Massage ‘Lomi-Lomi’
50 min / 60lv
Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Lomi -Lomi is a massageoflong, continuous and smooth movementsthrough thecareful useof powerful”tools”such as elbowsand forearms. Lomi -Lomiuses themechanicsof the body, working withthe client’sown weightand not only bythe therapist’s labors.The flowmovementsfrom headto toeallowa connectionbetween the therapist and the clientinto a deeprelaxing massage.


 Indian head massage
20 min / 20lv
This type of massage will release tension and stress accumulated by the daily duties. Forget the grueling commitments, release your mind, give yourself a breath of peace. Massage itself is a combination of classic techniques, gentle stretching and stimulation on the face points, scalp and ears.
Ayurveda massageSHIRODHARA“ Gently pouring hot oil over the forehead + head massage

This therapy is called “psycho-spiritual” massage and is appropriate for the treatment of headaches, stress from excessive mental stimulation, insomnia and anxiety (concern). This is a deep relaxation method that reduces stress and makes the mind calm.



Lifting face
30 min / 25lv
It is a special combination of effective massage techniques. This massage recover face oval, increase circulation to facial tissue and improve muscle tonus.


Deep draining face massage
30 min / 25lv
This face massage help drain lymph nodes restoring balance to your contour reducing water retention in your face.


Cosmeticface massage
15 min / 15lv