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ProfessionalBeautyRange – Eco-certified spa products



RITUALS „Treasures of Bulgaria“



„Rose garden“( body and face )                                          70 min / 80lv
A relaxing ritual with petals of genuine Bulgarian rose. Rose oil and rose extract with calming, hydrating and healing effect. Softens skin and give shine and tone.
/Sugar scrub, special massage with rose oil and genuine rose petals and warm volcanic stones, mask and massage for face /


Rejuvenating ritual “Regina Maria “  ( face and body )                                                  70 min / 80lv

Ritual, inspired by the beauty of queen Maria and the magic of longevity of Bulgarian Yoghurt. The active ingredients, extracted from yoghurt starter and milk proteins regenerate the skin. The active massage with wooden “ clepcho” energize the body and mind

/ Milk peeling, special massage with clepcho- wooden instrument, like bamboo stick and wooden spoon, rejuvenating face and body mask, facial massage /



Mask for Varicose Veins                                                        30 min / 20lv

Mud application treatment full body                                40 min / 30lv
Estuary mud with a high content of hydrogen sulphide has the best effect on removal of pathologic conditions affecting the muscle cells system, positive influence on the activity of the peripheral nervous system, which results in a reduction or complete disappearance of the sense of pain.