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Eco Spa ”Professional Beauty Range – Eco-certified spa products


Anti-cellulite massage

Acombinationofspecialproductsto fight the cellulite. Contains ADIPOSLIM and ADIPOLES – ingredients with powerful anti-cellulite and slimming effect, acting in depth break down fat deposits and smooth.



Modeling and firming treatment  

High effective anticellulite treatment for problem areas . Itis a complex of ultra modern and innovative ingredients PHYTOSONIC ™, ADIPOSLIM + ADIPOLES and cinnamon, chilly and caffeine extracts.

( Therapy includes – cleansing with tonic , application of special active serum with massage , body wrapping with mask)



Powerfull draining therapy               

Thistreatment regulates blood circulation and lymph circulation, stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastinProgram helping the redusing of toxins and combatting free radicals.

( The therapy includes – scrub with sea salt and microelements, body wrapping with seaweeds, draining full body massage)