CAVITATION – Ultrasonic Liposuction

Thanks to the cavitation you can change your body shape, reduce the amount of cellulite, fatty deposits and formations without causing tissue harming, which makes it possible to conduct a completely safe procedure. It may be reduced to 2 cm of the volume of the body of a procedure. It is recommended the procedure can be performed once a week.

(Thigh, Seat , Belly and love bendoliers)


LPG – Lipo vacuum massage                     

A vacuum working system which raises the skin is equipped with two rollers, which exposes the skin to a kind of energetic exercises – breaking down the accumulated excess fat, improves blood circulation, improves the metabolism, removes scars on the skin and destroys the orange skin. The procedures do not hurt, do not burst capillaries or form a hematoma.

(Thigh, Seat , love bendoliers)



High frequency radio – wave that penetrates the skin and causes warming of collagen fibers, which activates them and causes thickening, smoothes the skin and makes it firm and elastic. Recommended performance of this treatment – twice a week.

(Thigh, Seat , Belly and love bendoliers, Hands )